The idea

“Pintu” literally means “door” or “gate” in the Malay language. At Pintu software, it is our goal to be a doorway between the creative ideas and the software solutions you need to grow your business.

Our aim is to make it fun creating software, building around the tested processes but without the constant delayed delivery dates and budget overruns. We believe a IT project always should be delivered on time and on budget. We support this with our development manifesto, giving our development team an approach you can work with.


Choose a service

At Pintu we offer a range of software development services. We act as your software partner and the link between complicated code and your business needs. We always spend time on preparing you, and carefully scope your needs before we start your development cycle. This ensures high quality as well as us getting to know your business needs. We call this part of our process relationship building.


Finding the Solution

Finding the solutions and technology to create your idea.

To create great software, we believe you need more than just good software developers. It’s about creating a doorway between your creativity and a technical business solution. It’s about simplifying the product and maximising its output. That’s why we at Pintu always give you a proof of concept and test out different technologies, to find the right solution for your project.



When we start development we work with agile development methodologies to show you daily and weekly progress. You get a minimum viable product shipped as soon as possible, so that you get a chance to re-think your options while we build on other functions and backend. Read more about what services we offer in details, and how we can help you by clicking the Service tap under.

Meet the team

Peter G Sehested

Peter: "Brevity is the soul of wit."

Benjamin Wong

Benjamin: "Continuous improvement is my calling card, stagnation is the enemy."

Joseph Wong

Joseph: "Choices determine my life, and I choose to love what I do."

Elaine Chan

Elaine: "The only limits that exist are the ones in your own mind."

About us

Pintu software is a newly started software house located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Our goal is to be a doorway between businesses and the sometimes complex world of software development.
  • As your software partner, we offer a broad range of software services, striking the balance between your business idea, time and price.
  • We have offices in Kuala Lumpur and Copenhagen and our team takes pride in diverse cultures across borders while focusing on high quality and affordable solutions.
The sense of accomplishment when solving a really complicated problem cannot be beat! It just feels as if you have been at the best party in town.
The tendency to not start anything until you've had a cup of coffee. That's us! Psst.. we actually have Kopenhagen Coffee card, teeheeee!
We love to spend time in our office – but isn’t it sometimes cooler to work from home or your favourite coffee shop? Cool? Join Pintu!